Aeronautical Studies

Aeronautical Studies (ICAO)

If your airport was built prior to the establishment of current design standards for the airfield or you want to bring in operations of larger aircraft and cannot comply with existing standards, the ICAO recommends the development of an aeronautical study to indicate that the non-compliance will not adversely affect the safety or significantly affect the regularity of aircraft operations. ASM Consultants will conduct risk-based analyses and provide necessary documentation for aeronautical studies.

Analysis of Runway Safety Areas (RSA) and Runway End Safety Areas (RESA)

The founder of ASM Consultants led three ACRP research projects to develop analysis methodologies to quantitatively assess risk of aircraft operations when safety areas can not comply with the standards. We evaluate alternatives to improve safety areas such as the use of non-standard configurations, the use of declared distances, and the implementation of Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS). In addition, the presence of obstacles in or in the vicinity of  the safety areas can be considered.

Modification of Standards (MOS)

When local conditions restrict compliance with airport design standards, ASM Consultants will assist you in applying for a MOS from the FAA. We will help demonstrate that the modification will provide an acceptable level of safety, economy, durability, and workmanship. A modification to an airport design standard related to new construction, reconstruction, expansion, or upgrade on an airport that received federal aid requires FAA approval.

Airport Safety Research

We conduct specific studies and applied research related to airport safety. We can help your agency, airport, or firm find solutions for unique airport safety issues. Results from our prior successful airport safety research under
the ACRP have been successfully used by the industry.

Airport Regulatory and Advisory Material

ASM Consultants specializes in the development of key regulatory and advisory material related to airport safety, including the development of advisory material for airport SMS, aeronautical studies, and standards for airport design. We will help your agency develop or update your agency’s regulatory and advisory material.