Partners for Safe Air Travel

ASM Consultants was founded to support the aviation industry in its quest to increase safety at airports. We can help your airport in many areas related to airport safety. We provide support to implement airport safety management systems (SMS), develop risk-based analyses to support aeronautical studies and modification of standards, develop plans for enhancing airport safety, and conduct statistical and trend analyses for your data. Our services include:

  • Developing programs and implementing airport SMS
  • Conducting ICAO aeronautical studies and FAA modification of standards studies
  • Analyzing Runway Safety Areas (RSAs) and Runway End Safety Areas (RESAs)
  • Analyzing airfield separations
  • Conducting and facilitating Safety Risk Assessments (SRAs) for airport improvement programs in compliance with FAA Order 5200.11
  • Conducting safety and SMS audits and assessments
  • Providing practical airport SMS training
  • Conducting analysis of safety data and trend analysis
  • Developing airport regulatory and advisory documents for civil aviation authorities
  • Conducting special studies and airport safety research